Merced County Office of Education

Tardy Policy



Tardiness is a disruption to the learning process. In order for VCS to provide the student with a quality education it is important that the student is encouraged to attend school regularly and on time. Each student is to be in the classroom, in her or his seat or work station, when the bell be​gins to ring.

    • The first two tardies result in a warning and the student will spend the reminder of the
      period in ISSC.
    • Three or more tardies, the student will finish the period in ISSC and will serve detention (break detention and/or lunch). Parents will recieve a phone call from school staff.

*** Steps start over each quarter.



A copy of the tardy policy can be found in the Student handbook page 10.
Download a copy of the student handbook below:

STRIVE Student Handbook 2014-2015.pdf