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Steve M. Tietjen, Ed.D | County Superintendent of Schools

Public Notice

Merced County Office of Education

 School District:  Merced County Office of Education
 Fact of Vacancy:  Resignation of Tom Bates
 Date of Occurrence of Vacancy:  April 15, 2019
 Full Name of Provisional Appointee:  Geneva Brett
 Mailing Address of Appointee:  22891 W. Sunset Avenue, Los Banos, CA 93635

As required by the California Education Code, Sections 5091 and 5092, within ten (10) days of the provisional appointment of an individual to a school district governing board, a Notice of Vacancy and Provisional Appointment shall be posted at three public places within the school district.  Unless the petition calling for a special election is filed with the County Superintendent of Schools within thirty (30) days of the provisional appointment, it shall become an effective appointment.

 By order of the Governoring Board of said district.

‚Äč Attest:  Steve M. Tietjen, Clerk
 Date:  April 29, 2019
 Merced County, California


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