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Cooperative Purchasing



Cooperative purchasing refers to a purchasing arrangement which multiple educational agencies, such as school districts or charter schools, pool their buying power to negotiate and purchase goods and services at lower prices. 

The Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) Support Services branch of the MCOE Business Department maintains this page as a means of promoting cooperative purchasing efforts among school districts and other public agencies.  

Listserver​ is now available as a clearing house both for prospective bids, and for "piggybackable" bids - bids that have been let by other districts or public agencies that are available for use by others.  CAUTION: As always, all individual piggyback bids should be reviewed with your district's legal counsel prior to use. 

click the highlighted text for a suggested "piggyback​" clause (Additional Orders).  

the MCOE encourages participation in the California Association of School Business Officials (CASBO) Purchasing Research & Development Committee.  

Cal Save Cooperative Purchasing Project by the Monterey County Office of Education​

Research and Development

Central Section Purchasing Research and Development Committee

The CASBO (California Association of School Business Officials) exists to provide education to increase the skills and abilities of individuals employed in the field of school business, to assist schools to operate more efficiently and effectively, and to conduct research in the field of school business management and administration.

Research and Development committees exist for two primary purposes:

  1. To provide education and information to others, through research, presentations and seminars.
  2. To receive information on current topics and areas related to school business.

In addition R&D committees provide a valuable forum for networking with other school business professionals.

To The Central Section Purchasing Committee meets regularly from August through June. Many meetings are based in the greater Fresno area, with occasional meetings held between Bakersfield and Merced.

The Cooperative Purchasing Hotline is now administered by FCMAT. The FCMAT list server email is

More information may be found at the FCMAT website, or email Andy Presage at,

Submitted listings that are primarily commercial or promotional in nature are not within the scope of this forum. Listings not related to public purchasing should not be posted. The Merced County Office of Education reserves the right to make the final decision regarding any who abuse these guidelines. Submission of a listing shall be considered evidence that the person submitting the listing agrees to allow distribution of his/her listing (if accepted) or nondistribution (if not accepted).

This listserver is your resource. Please feel free to use it fully for its intended purpose. Please forward any questions or comments you may have to improve this list!

Piggyback Purchasing