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Purchase Order Terms


  • Purchase Order number must be on invoice and packing slip.
  • Invoice each purchase separately. Items on one purchase order must NOT be billed with those on other purchase orders.

  • Substitutions, changes, and prices other than specified on the purchase order must be authorized by M.C.O.E. Purchasing at the following numbers: 209-381-6612 or 209-381-6775 FAX.

  • Accounts payable information: 209-381-6606

  • Receipt of all item on an invoice must be complete and correct before it can be paid. Discounts will be figured from the date of the last item received or from the date of our receipt of the complete and correct invoice, whichever is later.

  • Please mail an original and one copy of your itemized invoice.

Unless an express written addendum is made to the contrary (fully executed by all parties to this contract), all purchases of goods and services made by the Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) are contingent upon the following provisions which shall apply without compromise.

In no event, shall MCOE’s receipt of goods or services prior to contracting constitute a waiver of these provisions nor shall MCOE be obligated to any consideration and/or be held liable for any goods or services delivered/received/implemented in the absence of a written contract (i.e. Purchase Order or acceptable writing executed by the appropriate agents of MCOE).