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Computer Lab Reservation



Computer Lab Reservation

Computer lab reservations are scheduled through Busniess Services FSDirect, and this request should be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the training. Please go to Event Manager Calendar, contact (209) 381-4555 or email before submitting a reservation to ensure that the lab is available during the date and time you are requesting it. 



Computer Lab Hardware Specs:

  • Digital Data Projector
  • Apple TV
  • Sound System
  • Lan School
  • Windows Office 2010
  • Adobe CS6

  • 28​​​ Training Systems and 1 Presenter's system
  • Intel Core i5 Processor
  • 8 GB RAM Memory
  • 23-inch flat panel Touch Screen monitor
  • Built-in speakers and microphone
  • Blu-ray​ Optical Disc Drive with DVD Dual Layer Burning
  • Integrated Webcam​
  • Windows 7 Professional 64 bit​​
  • Standard Optical Mice and USB Keyboards​




Emergency Contact: Katie Regert

  1. Refreshments:
    • Refreshments are permitted in the lab, but we ask that no food or drinks be near or around the computers
    • A 10-cup coffee pot is kept on the counter for your use. No other supplies are furnished
  2. Printing:
    • There is a printer in the lab. If your training requires printing, please bring your own paper.
  3. Restrooms:
    • The restrooms are located next to the Board Room and require a code to access. The door code is posted on the inside of the computer lab by the front door.
  4. Prior to exiting the lab, please be sure to do the following:
    • Make sure all machines are turned off and shut down properly
    • Data projector is turned off
    • Leave remotes on the presenter station
    • Turn off PA system
    • Room is left clean and everything picked up, chairs pushed in, coffee pot emptied and cleaned
    • Lower thermostat
    • Computer lab door is closed shut
  5. If you encounter problems, please contact:
    Katie Regert
    Business Services​
    632 W. 13th Street, Merced, CA 95341
    Phone: 209-381-4555​


  • Is there a printer in the lab?
    • Yes, there is a printer that is attached to the network.
  • Is there a data projector in the room?
    • Yes, the data projector is ceiling mounted and is connected to the presenter station. There is a small panel on the wall next to the presenter station to turn on/off the projector.
  • Is there a whiteboard inside the computer lab?
    • Yes, there is a whiteboard on the wall behind the projector screen.
  • How do we log on to the computers to gain access to the shared resources and printer from the server?
    • The username, passwords, & domain is provided on each of the computers​
  • Is there a usage fee?
    • A fee is applied to outside agencies using the computer lab and ranges from $100-$150 per day depending on amount of time needed.​
  • How do I know when the computer lab is available?
    • ​ If you are having problems browsing  Event Manager Calendar​ or not with MCOE then please contact Katie Regert at (209) 381-4555 or 
  • I am with an outside agency and would like to use the computer lab. What is that process?
    • ​Please contact Katie Regert with dates, including start and end time, to first determine if available. A permit form ​​​will be sent to you with the dates available as requested for your completion. Calendar invites will be sent to hold the computer lab. The permit and proof of liability insurance will need to be provided before first booking date in order to use the computer lab. An invoice will be generated and sent to the contact on file.