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Cybersecurity Education Program



​​​​Cybersecurity Education Program 

​MCOE enrolled in the KnowBe4 Cybersecurity Education Program, which is an online training that consists of videos, quizzes, training modules and phishing tests. The program helps educate staff on how to recognize, report, and prevent security breaches. All staff with an active email account are required to take annual cybersecurity training.

Course Details and Timelines​​

  • The Cybersecurity training course will be offered through an online learning portal called KnowBe4.
  • Sometime in the first two weeks of October we will conduct a baseline phishing test. This baseline test is to see how vulnerable we all are before taking the KnowBe4 training.
  • On November 1st all staff will be enrolled in the annual training course. Staff will receive an email from KnowBe4 in order to create an account.
  • Staff can complete the program online at their own pace. 
  • Staff will be given 30 calendar days to complete the  training. 
  • The supervisor will receive a report of staff who have not completed the training.
  • New staff will be automatically enrolled when their email account is created.
  • Staff can stop at any point and resume where they left off.
  • Starting in December there will be monthly phishing tests. Any user that falls for a phish by opening up an attachment, clicking on a link, or entering their password information, will be automatically enrolled in additional training.
  • KnowBe4 has an extensive list of training materials and information. On the last working day of the month the ITS department will be sending out an email with useful information concerning cybersecurity.​
  • Scam-of-the-week emails will be sent out weekly high lighting a current threat.

​Cybersecurity Committee Members

Business Services

​Mike Friedberg

Jeremy Renteria

Early Education

Monica Garza

Educational Services

LaRae Demorest

Human Resources

Shannon Espinosa
Special Education Mary Farmer


Yolanda Campos