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Media Center


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Media Items

The Media Center/Library consists of physical and visual items for educators to use in their classroom. We utilize Insignia Library to make it easier for teachers to reserve items online. Booking items is now simpler than ever! You can also e-mail or call ahead for pick up (a two hour lead time would be appreciated).

Log into our Portal at and click on Insignia or go straight to Insignia and sign in with your Google account.

For library items checked out through Insignia online: each district/site has a designated delivery day for weekly delivery. Deliveries are completed by the MCOE Warehouse staff. Please email to coordinated pick-up of items. You can also designate that you want to pick-up items any day of the week when booking your items.

Digital Resources

Educators within a contracting school district have access to our Portal to checkout physical items or to utilize the digital resources such as California Streaming, Insignia Library, PebbleGo, PebbleGo Next, and Grolier Online.

California Streaming/CalSnap - CaliforniaStreaming provides a comprehensive collection of videos, audio, and images from the best producers across the country and selected by CA educators. Our integrated search brings high-quality resources from select partners, allowing users to access licensed content, state purchased databases and open education resources in one search.

Scholastic GO - Scholastic Go! provides access to online encyclopedias for all ages from elementary school through adult. This database incorporates Grolier Multimedia Encyclopedia and is published by Scholastic Library Publishing.

PebbleGo/NEXT - Specifically designed to meet the needs of young researchers, PebbleGo databases support literacy and build a foundation for a lifetime of learning. Each database features expertly-leveled text and navigation specifically designed for your beginning researchers. Enriched with spoken-word audio, text highlighting and audio/video media, PebbleGo builds a foundation of research skills for every learner. Available to elementary school sites only.

Mystery Science - Mystery Science is designed to be easy prep: lessons just need simple materials that are usually on hand in classrooms, or can easily be found at grocery or discount stores. Lessons in spanish available

CA State Library Databases - Britannica School, ProQuest, Gale, TeachingBooks, and PBS Videos access behind our Portal sign-in. Please go to the CA K-12 Online Content page for more information.


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Richard Winters
Coordinator of Library Services and ELA/ELD
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LaRae Demorest
Learning Resource Specialist​​​
Phone: (209) 381-6630
Fax: (209) 381-6774

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