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2023 Summer Institute





This five-day course is designed for K-8 teachers and paraprofessionals. Participants will experience a fun, student-centered way to teach math in all grade levels!

Learn unique ways to use manipulatives and visual representations for teaching new concepts, extending current understandings, and creating informal assessment opportunities as a natural component of instruction. The techniques explored in this course will work in conjunction with ANY math curriculum your district uses.

Whether you are a math expert or not, you will have fun while learning new techniques to take back to your classrooms.





We will meet in the library at <site TBD> in Winton at 8am. Our morning will be broken into four parts:

  • Do some mathematics that is fun, engaging, and surprising. (Math is beautiful!)

  • A deep dive into major math concepts and learn how those concepts progress throughout the grade levels. (Math is valuable!)

  • Learn a high-impact instructional routine/protocol designed to accelerate learning and simultaneously fill gaps in previous learning. (Math is empowering!)

  • In teams of two or three teachers, deliberate practice of the new instructional routine with ACTUAL students at the nearby summer school.