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Key 3: PLC Support



The PLC supports implementation of the initiative through DuFour’s four critical questions:

  1. What do we want all teachers to know and implement?

  2. How will we know if teachers are implementing it?

  3. How will we respond when some teachers have not implemented it?

  4. How will we extend the learning for teachers who are already implementing the initiative?


The answers to these four questions form the basis of how the PLC moves forward. Our role is to facilitate the conversations as teachers run their PLC, helping them maintain their focus on the four questions, clarifying any confusion that may exist about the focus initiative, and providing additional training and instruction as needed. Principles of improvement science are interwoven in the process to work past speed bumps that will naturally occur during the initial implementation of the new initiative. For example, conducting several PDSAs to problem-solve why teachers are not finding the time to fit the number talk routine into their day. Or creating a driver diagram to narrow down a plethora of change ideas we might try.

Key 1: Ambitious Instruction

Key 2: In-class coaching

Key 3: PLC Support

Key 4: Leadership

Key 5: Improvement Science