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Professional Development



We offer a multi-layered approach to SITE-BASED teacher-centered professional development. Addressing ALL layers is the way to ensure high-quality math instruction for ALL students.

Our preferred method is to work with teachers in 90- to 120-minute blocks of time at your school site. Rotating subs allow us to work closely with most teachers at a site in a single day. Often, our 90- to 120-minutes looks like this:

  • Debrief content from previous training

  • Learn and practice new content/skill

  • Go into a classroom to practice using content/skill with students

  • Return to training session to debrief the experience

By combining training with an immediate opportunity to practice with students, we achieve a high degree of implementation in the classroom post-training.

Click links below to view samples of the training we provide.

Equitable Assessment

  • Performance task

  • Perfect Quiz Protocol

  • CAASPP Interim Assessments (IAB)

  • Math Journals

  • Rubrics

  • Self-assessment

  • Metacognitive strategies

  • Adaptive software

To arrange for training at your site, send us an email!