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Not sure how to answer questions like these? Then join us at these workshops during the 2024-2025 school year to learn how to teach mathematical thinking in YOUR classroom!

Not only do teachers need to know how to carry out common procedures, but teachers also must be able to 

  • identify incorrect answers and faulty methods and analyze errors efficiently and fluently, just like mathematicians do in the course of their work.

  • make sense of students’ non-standard procedures, even when they have never encountered them before.  

  • provide justification for the steps in algorithms and procedures, meanings for terms, and explanations for concepts. 

  • make strategic choices of mathematical representations and examples when illustrating ideas.

  • sequence student examples to create a trajectory towards the teaching of algorithms.

Join a grade-level workshop series to learn how to do all these things for YOUR grade level.

[Click on a grade-level to learn more.]

In a typical year, we offer workshops at the Downtown Professional Development Center (1715 Canal St, Merced) throughout the year.

You can see the workshops we offer (past, present, and future) here: