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Professional Learning and Support Services



The Continuous Improvement Program, creates equitable educational systems that result in excellence for all learners. The program does this by operationalizing the vision of the Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) to nurture systems, serve the educational community and lead the way towards improvement.  

The priority to create excellent outcomes for students of all ages and abilities provides the focus that drives this team and the activities in which the program engages. While students are at the forefront of the focus, there are many layers within schools and school districts that support students. the program strives to support all layers within that system and is embedded with an improvement lens; seeking out opportunities for growth and supported by data that informs decisions and practices. 

The Continuous Improvement Team is composed of MCOE’s content experts in mathematics, English Language Arts, multilingual language development, Next Generation Science Standards, visual and performing arts and education technology. The team also includes State and Federal Programs experts who provide support for a myriad of programs and initiatives. Additionally, the Continuous Improvement team is comprised of knowledgeable improvement coaches, who can support others in the application of improvement methodologies and tools. 

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