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Health Services



Migrant students suffer from a disproportionate number of health problems because they are uninsured or underinsured and because they have a high rate of mobility. Because of the mobility and the varying services provided in different communities, they often need assistance in identifying local resources and accessing them. Supplemental health services are provided to identified migrant students who suffer from health problems that interfere with their ability to learn.

Assistance with:

  • scheduling medical and dental appointments
  • transportation and translation, when no other options exists
  • finding and utilizing community resources: such as CCS, CHDP, Shriners, Lions
  • understanding and using private insurance or Medi-Cal
  • interpreting health information from schools or community agencies

Program staff advocates with agencies and providers for fair and culturally sensitive treatment. We also contract for reduced rate services with our local care providers. When no community resource exists and a family does not have the means to pay for health services, some emergency funds for treatment exist. Prior authorization to use these funds must be obtained from staff.

The Migrant Education Program can not insure migrant students against accidents and does not pay for ambulance or emergency room services.