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Annual Employee Notifications



​​​​​The Human Resources Department is required on an annual basis to provide employees with the notices listed below which may affect the terms and conditions of employment. Represented employees are encouraged to refer to the applicable collective bargaining agreements, in addition to referring to the listed policies, procedures and/or regulations.

Please click on a policy/notification for a pdf version for you to read or print.

Policy 1160 Political Processes

Policy 1312.3 Exhibit 2 - UCP Annual Notice

Policy 3513.3 Tobacco Free Schools

Policy 3514 Safety Management

Policy 3514.2 Integrated Pest Management

Policy 4020 Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace

Policy 4030 Nondiscrimination in Employment

Regulation 4031 Complaints Concerning Discrimination in Employment

Policy 4032 Reasonable Accommodation​

DFEH 184 Employment Discrimination Based on Disability

Policy 4033 Lactation

Policy 4040 Acceptable Use Policy – Employee Use of Technology

Regulation 4112.4 Health Examinations

Policy 4112.43 4212.43 4312.43 Employee Driving Record Check

Policy 4112.8 Employment and Assignment of Relatives

Regulation 4119.11 Sexual Harassment​

DFEH 185 The Facts About Sexual Harassment

Policy 4119.22 Dress and Grooming​

Dressing and Grooming County Superintend​ent Memo

Policy 4119.42 Exposure Control Plan for Bloodborne Pathogens

Policy 4136 4236 6336 Non-MCOE Employment

Regulation 4157 Employee Safety

The Injured Worker – Rights to Workers’ Comp Benefits

Family Care and Medical Leave (CFRA)

DFEH 188 California Family Rights Act

DFEH 186 Pregnancy Leave​

Regulation 4212 Appointment and Condition of Employment

Policy 5131.2 Bullying

Policy 5141.4 Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting

Regulation 5141.4 Child Abuse Prevention and Reporting

Staff Responsibilities in Relation to Child Abuse

CA Ed Code 49076 Confidential Student Information​