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Credential Specialist help provide the following services:

  • Issue credential applications and renewal forms, and assist applicants with the application process for all credential types including:
  • K-12 Teaching and Services Credentials
  • Substitute Permits
  • Vocational and Adult Education Credentials
  • Child Development Permits
  • Provide advice and assistance with credential issues
  • Answer credentialing questions for teachers and administrators employed in Merced County and others seeking credential information.
  • Assist credentialed teachers from other states or countries with California certification requirements and the application process.
  • Advise and serve as a liaison to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for Merced County's twenty-one school districts.


Clear, Professional, or Professional Clear Credentials and 30 Day Emergency Substitute Permits can only be renewed online.  To complete the online renewal process, proceed to the Commission's website at  For detailed instructions of the online renewal process, please click here to open "How to Renew".

If you are employed by a public school in Merced County, or are seeking employment, we encourage you to submit all credential applications (except online renewals) to our Credential Specialist for processing. The only applications we will be unable to process are for those completing their initial K-12 teaching or services credential who have completed a program in California. 

All completed applications are forwarded to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing on the applicant's behalf.

Exam schedules for Credential exams are available in the Credential office or at


Substitute Information

Persons wishing to substitute teach in Merced County will first need to be cleared through the Merced County Office of Education by following the instructions on your chosen packet (please see below).  This may require applying for a credential or permit, or completing fingerprint and TB clearance(s), if a credential is already held.

Please click HERE ​​​​ to access our Substitute Information and Substitute Chart​​​. ​Please review the Substitute Char​t and answer the questions carefully to ensure that the correct Substitute packet is received.  To request a substitute packet please email our Credential Specialist, Tina Schultz, at tschultz​.  Please include the following in your email request:  Your Name, Phone Number and Substitute Packet Number that best fits your scenario.  Your Substitute Packet will be emailed to you and will include instructions and a check-off list of the documentation that will be required to complete our Substitute process.​    

If you prefer to apply directly to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing for your Substitute Permit, you may find additional information on their website at  Please note that if you choose to apply directly for your Substitute Permit​ you will not be able to complete our Substitute process until your document has been granted and you will still need to complete our employment process including fingerprinting and TB clearance.


For any of the services listed above, please contact:

Tina Schultz, Credentials Speciali​st
Merced County Office of Education
632 W. 13th Street, Bldg. C2, Merced, CA 95341

Phone:  (209) 381-6633
Fax:  (209) 381-6768
Email: tschultz@mc​​


For information regarding the teacher credentialing process, teacher preparation programs, financial aid, and teacher jobs, click on