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Child Development Permits

Child Development Permits are available at various levels. Each level has one or more ways to qualify. Individuals should review all available options and complete the one that best reflects their own education and/or experience. 

Child Development Permit Requirements (CL-797)


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Child Development Permit Worksheet


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Child Development Permit Matrix


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We can assist you with your application in one of two ways:

  1. Child Development Training Consortium Permit Stipend Program:     or
  2.  Direct application and fee through the Merced County Office of Education. Our application process is as follows:

All completed applications are forwarded to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing  or the Child Development Training Consortium on the applicant's behalf.

The Application Packet

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Child Development Permits may be found at the links below:


Tina Schultz

Credentials Specialist
Phone: (209) 381-6633
Fax: (209) 381-6768