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Special Education



The Special Education department operates programs and countywide services that support students with moderate to severe special needs. These services include school based occupational therapy, deaf and hard of hearing services, adapted physical education, orthopedically impaired services and visually impaired services, among others.

Between Merced County's 20 school districts and MCOE, the Special Education department serves approximately 7,300 students from birth to 21 years of age

Special Education Programs

Special Education offers support through a variety of programs for students with special needs.

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All 20 Merced County school districts and MCOE participate in the Merced County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA).

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Special Programs

Specialized programs at MCOE are designed to meet specific and unique needs of students within Merced County.

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Parent Resources

Find resources from the California Department of Education, parent organizations, procedural safeguards and resource centers.

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Fill out a transportation services request available for students enrolled in the Special Education program at MCOE.

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Special Education Public Notices

Explore the Public Notices the under Special Education department.

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Calendars & Events

The Special Education at MCOE hosts a variety of events throughout the year to meet the unique needs of students enrolled in the program.

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