Merced County Office of Education

SELPA Resources


01_Section A Merced County SELPA Local Plan 1.pdf

02_Governance and Administration Merced County SELPA Local Plan 2.pdf

03_Merced County SELPA Local Plan Section D 3.pdf

04_Merced County SELPA Local Plan Section E 3.pdf

05_Attachments I-V 5.pdf

06_Attachment VI 6.pdf

07_Merced County SELPA Local Plan Certification 3 COE 7.pdf

08_ Merced County SELPA Local Plan Certification 4 CAC 8.pdf

09_C5_5Certification for all LEAs.pdf

10_Procedural Safeguards - English.pdf

Merced SELPA Handbook July 2020.pdf

Policy 1.01 Free Appropriate Public Education.pdf

Policy 1.02 Full Educational Opportunity.pdf

Policy 1.03 Child Find.pdf

Policy 1.04 Individualized Education Program.pdf

Policy 1.05 Least Restrictive Enviornment.pdf

Policy 1.06 Procedural Safeguards.pdf

Policy 1.07 Evaluation.pdf

Policy 1.08 Confidentiality.pdf

Policy 1.09 Exhibit Part C to Part B.pdf

Policy 1.09 Part C to Part B Transition.pdf

Policy 1.10 Exhibit Private School (1).pdf

Policy 1.11 Compliance Assurances.pdf

Policy 1.12 Interagency Coordination.pdf

Policy 1.13 Governance.pdf

Policy 1.14 Personnel Qualifications.pdf

Policy 1.15 Performance Goals and Indicators.pdf

Policy 1.16 Participation in Assessments.pdf

Policy 1.17 Supplementation of State and Federal Funds.pdf

Policy 1.18 Maintenance of Financial Effort.pdf

Policy 1.19 Public Participation.pdf

Policy 1.20 Exhibit Suspension Expulsion.pdf

Policy 1.20 Suspension Expulsion.pdf

Policy 1.21 Access to Instructional Materials.pdf

Policy 1.22 Over Identification and Disproportionality.pdf

Policy 1.23 Prohibition on Mandatory Medication.pdf

Policy 1.24 Charter Schools.pdf

Policy 1.24 Exhibit Charter Schools.pdf

Policy 2.1 Community Advisory Committee.pdf

Policy 2.10 District Withdraw from SELPA Transportation.pdf

Policy 2.11 Program Compliance Monitoring And Support.pdf

Policy 2.12 High School Diplomas or Certificates of Achievement.pdf

Policy 2.13 Resource Specialist.pdf

Policy 2.14 Transportation for Students with Disabilities.pdf

Policy 2.15 Eligibility Criteria for Adapted Physical Education.pdf

Policy 2.16 File Procedural Checklist.pdf

Policy 2.17 Review of Student Class Assignment at a Teachers Request.pdf

Policy 2.18 State School Placement Policy.pdf

Policy 2.19 Disposition of Pupil Records.pdf

Policy 2.2 Coordination With Other Districts.pdf

Policy 2.20 Exhibit Intra-SELPA Inter-SELPA Transfer Agreement.pdf

Policy 2.20 Intra SELPA Inter SELPA Transfer Agreement.pdf

Policy 2.21 Surrogate Parents.pdf

Policy 2.22 Caseload for Speech Language Therapist.pdf

Policy 2.23 Exhibit Program Transfer Policy.pdf

Policy 2.23 Program Transfer.pdf

Policy 2.24 Student Transfers.pdf

Policy 2.3 Coordination of services with STRTP J Hall Jail Medical facilities.pdf

Policy 2.4 NPS Monitoring.pdf

Policy 2.5 Specialized Equipment and Services.pdf

Policy 2.6 Consideration of General Education Resources.pdf

Policy 2.7 Early Childhood Special Education Programs.pdf

Policy 2.8 Alternative Dispute.pdf

Policy 2.9 Exhibit Independent Educational Evaluation.pdf

Policy 2.9 Independent Educational Evaluation.pdf

Policy 3.1 Special Education Transportation Deficit.pdf

Policy 3.2 MCOE Special Education Program Excess Cost.pdf

Policy 3.3 SELPA Funding Model.pdf

Policy 3.4 Small District High Cost Student Needs.pdf

Policy 3.5 Growth and COLA Funding Distribution.pdf

Policy 3.6 Funding for Regional Programs.pdf

Policy 3.7 Funding NPS NPA and Residential Placement.pdf

Policy 3.8 Due Process or Complaint Legal Fees and Settlement Costs.pdf

Policy 3.9 Costs for Intra SELPA Program and Student Transfer Values Responsibility.pdf