Merced County Office of Education

 Special Education Department

Laura Fong, Ed.D.

Assistant Superintendent

Special Education


Approximately 7,300 students from birth to 21 years of age are served by Special Education in the 20 school districts in the county and by the Merced County Office of Education.

In Merced County, all 20 school districts are part of the Merced County Special Education Local Plan Area (SELPA). The Merced County Office of Education houses the SELPA office and acts as the administrative head of the SELPA. The governance of the SELPA is vested in the Superintendent’s Board of Directors committee composed of superintendents representing the 20 school districts and by the Merced County Superintendent, Steve Tietjen, click on the SELPA-Merced County icon in the left menu.  

The Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) operates programs to meet the needs of students with moderate to severe needs preschool to age 22. In addition, MCOE provides services to children from birth to age 3 who have or at risk of having disabilities. The Merced County Office of Education also provides services county wide for students who need school based occupational therapy, deaf and hard of hearing services, adapted physical education, orthopedically impaired services or visually impaired services.


Laura Fong, Ed.D., Assistant Superintendent, is the administrator of the department.


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Assistant Superintendent of Special Education


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