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"Advanced-Tiers" Consultee-Centered Administrative Consultation​

With the long-term commitment of California's Department of Education to Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS), Merced County Office of Education is proud to offer direct "Advanced-Tiers" Consultee-Centered Administrative consultation for MTSS (Caplan & Caplan, 1999). The ultimate goal of MTSS is to build a comprehensive framework to deliver evidence-based educational, behavioral, and social-emotional interventions. The goal of MCOEs "Advanced-Tiers" consultation is to directly assist districts in building the MTSS/PBIS advanced behavioral tier's and introduce functional, positive, and restorative practices with the ultimate goal of decreasing suspension rates and efficiently/effectively provide targeted interventions to students with chronic problem behavior.  Merced County Office of Education understands the need to "get in the trenches" and directly consult at your site, analyze data, and build evidence-based academic, behavioral, and social-emotional intervention capacity with you step-by-step over time. We are confident that through a comprehensive MTSS system districts will experience substantially decreased suspension rates, affect special education placements, more effectively bridge Tier-4 and Tier-5 county programs, promote a positive school culture, and help create a sustainable, legally defensible evidence-based intervention system across your district. ​

Overview of the MCOE's Multi-tiered System of Support, RTI-Behavior ​System​​​


Universal Intervention

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Indivi​dualized Intervention

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