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 The Merced County Office of Education works collaboratively with districts to ensure that all students have​ access to evidence-based, multi-tiered interventions providing supports to ensure that they have the best opportunity to be successful across academic, behavioral, and social-emotional domains. The artifacts available across this website are designed to assist districts in developing Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) with a focus on the development of “advanced tiers” (tier-2/3) within the context of MTSS/PBIS/Social-Emotional intervention structures. Direct consultation is available to help districts utilize and integrate these tools. While there are many resources available that provide general guidelines in development of positive behavior interventions systems (e.g., PBIS), these artifacts are meant to be used as a “plug-n-play” intervention system that districts can immediately implement and adjust to fit their idosyncratic settings over time. The goal is to help districts build prevention/intervention capacity, improve continuity of care for students moving in and out of county programs, and to help better inform the development of tier-4 and tier-5 programs offered by the Merced County Office Educations Special Education department. 


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