Merced County Office of Education

Merced County Business Listserv

To subscribe to the listserv, please follow the directions below:

  1. Send an email message to
  2. In the subject of your message, please put down who you are working for and your title.   
  3. In the body of your message, please type the following:
    • Subscribe mcbiznet <your name w/o the brackets>
    • e.g. Subscribe mcbiznet Joe Smith

In a day or two you should get an acknowledgment of your message and confirmation that you are subscribed to the mcbiznet list. From that point on, every message that you send to will distribute to all mcbiznet list subscribers.
To sign off from the list, send an email message to In the body of your message type the following:      

  • Signoff mcbiznet

​Problems subscribing to the listserv?
Please contact Cecilia Belmontes.