Merced County Office of Education



Maintenance and Operations


The maximum facility life, as well as student and employee safety, is obtained through a proactive Maintenance and Operations program. The Maintenance and Operations program includes housekeeping, repair, restoration, and renovation of the MCOE property, grounds, buildings, and building fixtures.

Further, the condition of facilities communicates an image to the staff, students, and the public. Therefore, it shall be the policy of the MCOE to maintain all facilities in such a manner that they are clean, orderly, safe, and as attractive as possible, within the constraints of applicable statues, time, and budget.

Requests for Maintenance and Operations services shall be initiated by telephone or in writing from the Support Services office or departments. Upon receipt of a request for Maintenance and Operations service, Support Services will coordinate with Maintenance and Operations regarding the request.

Non-routine facility services (i.e., construction, remodeling, etc.) should be requested, as appropriate, using the "Maintenance Work Order" form. Maintenance Work Orders must be approved by the Primary Department Administrator, Support Services Director, Maintenance and Operations Lead and, as necessary, the Primary Department Administrator for Business and / or the County Superintendent.

The Merced County Head Start program provides its own maintenance and operations services under the direction of its Operations Officer. Head Start utilizes its own internal policies and complies with applicable federal regulations for scheduling and managing requests for housekeeping, repair, restoration, replacement and renovation of federal property.