Merced County Office of Education

Hands On Heroes of Merced County

​The Hands On Heroes program for Merced County looks to acknowledge those individuals or businesses in the community who go above and beyond supporting children in our county, in ways that embody the Children's Bill of Rights.  These individuals work tirelessly, bravely overcome adversity and everyday challenges, and are seldom acknowledged for their work. These unsung heroes are directly making a difference in the lives of children, ages prenatal to 18, each and every day! 

If this sounds like someone you know, then nominate that individual or local business, as a Hands on Hero.  Simply submit a compelling narrative of five hundred words or less, that describes why this person or business is a Hands on Hero.  Creative, heartfelt, and descriptive stories that illustrate the heroism of the nominated individual, are wanted.  

For questions, please call (209) 385-7337 or (209) 381-9719. 

Deadlines for nominations are noted on the nomination form below.

Past Winners:

2011 – Megan Collier, Lamar Henderson, Phyllis Legg, Luis Lemus, Richard Mahacek, Paul Muñoz

2012 – Ana Cox-Silveira, Lance Eber, Eugene Drummond, Frank & Helen Gallichio, Steve Hunt, Maria Rodriguez, Samuel Rodriguez, Octavio Rojas, Maria Williams

2013 – Carolina Arceo, Jim Eppler, Nailah Hubbard, Rachel Potter, Curtis & Gaye Riggs

2014 – Daphne Jenkins, Charlene Jones, Jan Sorge, Ka Xiong

2015 – Cynthia Delgado, Don & Nancy Bergman, Shannon Finn

2016 – Dina Gonzalez (Educator), Lola Barnett (Volunteer), Kevin Hammon & Kimberly Zamora (Community), Joe Stagnaro, McLane Pacific (Business), Babatunde Osungboye (Emerging Leader)

2017 – Sally Alcorn, Nancy Gibson, Kris Ruth (Volunteer), Regina Wolf (Community), Mike Weber (Educator), Keith Chastain (Babatunde Osungboye Emerging Leader Memorial), Denard Davis

2018 – Cassie Davis (Volunteer), Prudy Mook (Community), Leonard Davis (Educator), Vernette Doty (Babatunde Osungboye Emerging Leader Memorial), Carole Kamerer (Denard Davis Lifetime Community Service Memorial)

2019 – Fernando Aguilera (Business), Judy Coleman (Volunteer), Elisa Kleitman (Educator), Patricia Pratt (Community), Elan Vang (Babatunde Osungboye Emerging Leader Memorial), Gloria J. Morris (Denard Davis Lifetime Community Service Memorial)​

This event is a community partnership by the following organizations:  First 5 Merced County, Merced County Office of Education, Merced County Collaborative for Children and Families (formerly known as LPC), the Family Wellness Council, The Los Banos Community  Resoucrce Council, Children Summit Planning Committee and oranized by Merced County Collaborative for Children and Families.