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Steve M. Tietjen, Ed.D | County Superintendent of Schools

Accounting Occupations

Merced County Office of Education


  Acc​ounting Occupations


   Teacher: Beth Smith​


 Class Description

Accounting Occupations provides students with a basic knowledge of accounting principles, procedures, and applications. Textbooks, workbooks, personal computers, and software equivalent to those commonly found in today's office will be used to teach these skills in the classroom. Students will also have the opportunity to train at a local business. 

Teacher Information


Beth Smith is a native of Chicago, but has lived in Merced since 1989. Ms. Smith teaches Accounting for Adults, Computerized Office Technology and a Working Professional class. After being a stay-at-home mom, Beth returned to college and graduated from Merced College in 1997 with an A.A. degree in Accounting. She was the top accounting graduate that year. She was named Merced College Student of the month in March, 1996. She holds a Designated Subjects Vocational Education Teaching Credential in Accounting and Office Occupations. Beth earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Business Management from Fresno Pacific University in 2008. 

Ms. Smith worked at Yosemite Church for four years as the Office Manager and nine years at On Target Marketing as the Financial Controller. This is Ms. Smith's first teaching position and the change in career has been very exciting for her. She has a heart for adult students, as she has been there herself. Beth has been a member of Yosemite Church since 1989 and has taught dozens of children, youth and adult classes for the church. Beth has been blessed with four children, six grandchildren and many friends. She spends her free time with her friends and family. 

Mission Statement 

To be a role model of servant hood, patience, kindness and understanding for my students and my peers. To teach my students life skills as well as job skills. To offer a light of hope to my students who sometimes face a dark world; to teach them that their future can be brighter by effort and hard work.

Class Resources
Accounting Occupations Brochure

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