Merced County Office of Education


Career Education​

Our Belief and Goal

Career Education and College Guidance play a vital role in helping students plan for and achieve their career life goals.  They encourage students to keep an open mind about the numerous opportunities awaiting them, to explore their interests and talents, and to take a realistic look at the world awaiting them.

Services are provided at our Career Centers, equipped with the resources students need to plan for future endeavors.  They are provided with the continued support and encouragement needed for meaningful decision making.


Career Center Mission

The mission of the Career Center is to provide assistance and resources supporting students in making real world connections to academic learning.  The Career Center, in conjunction with ROP, enables students to gain the skills, ability and confidence to transition successfully to post-secondary education, and/or work as "Career, College, and Citizen ready, individuals."  Students are supported in answering the "lifelong learning" questions:

Who Am I?
Where Am I Going?
How Do I Get There?