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Computer Applications-Debbie Woody

  Computer Applications​

Teacher:  Debbie Woody
:  (209) 381-4550


Class Description

This course will cover the fundamentals and application of several computer programs. Through Microsoft Office, the students will learn to refine and apply their skills in word processing, spreadsheet techniques, database management, computer presentation and creation and application of programs. They will be able to use all of these skills in producing an Employment Portfolio.

Teacher Information


Mrs. Woody teaches Computer Applications and Keyboarding for Merced Valley Community School. She also teaches Computer Applications and Computer Literacy at Merced Scholars Charter School. She has worked for Merced County Office of Education in various programs under the Career and Alternative Education Department since 1999. Mrs. Woody graduated from Merced High School and has attended Merced and Stanislaus Colleges. She holds a Designated Subjects Credential in Computer Applications and Office Occupations.

Mission Statement

My mission is to provide students with basic computer skills to enable them to survive in today’s ever changing technology driven society. Students need to be able to do more than texting on a cell phone or post to social network sites such as Facebook. I hope to inspire them to go beyond learning the basics and not be afraid to try new things. Having Computer skills are only necessary but and powerful tool that can open doors and provide access to unlimited resources for learning.


Class Resources
Computer Applications I/II Brochure