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ROP Student Success Story

Picture of Graphic Arts Student 

Carlos Lupian
Le Grand High School
Graphic Arts Occupations

How can one single moment in someone’s life impact their future?  For Carlos Lupian it did!  He was heading down the wrong road and his path looked dim during his high school years, but soon that would all change. Carlos was introduced to the Regional Occupational Program’s Graphic Arts Occupations class held at the Wolfe Educational Center.  He commented that if he had not taken this class he does not know what his future would have looked like.  Taking this class also allowed him to participate in the Student Organization VICA.  While in VICA he was able to compete using his Public Speaking, Interviewing, Desktop Publishing, and design skills that he learned from his ROP Graphic Arts Occupations class.  He successfully graduated from Le Grand High School in 1998.

After high school, Carlos moved to Denver where he received a job at a local printshop.  He began doing minor work at the business including bindery, but soon would end up managing the printshop.  Through all of these successes, Carlos started his own graphic business, Tore Designs.  He received his business license in 2008 but had been freelancing since 2001.  He enjoys taking logos that are old, updating them, but while still keeping the old touch.  For a hobby he likes to design t-shirts.  Using his amazing design skills, Carlos entered the 2013 Merced County Fair Logo contest and won first place.  Merced County Fair chose his logo to use on their promotional material, including billboards displayed throughout the county.

Carlos is currently employed at the Merced County Office of Education (MCOE) for the Business Services Department as a Printing Technician. Carlos has been able to use his graphic art design skills in his position.  He is sought out to design a variety of logos for the departments at MCOE.  One specific design he recently recreated was the Regional Occupational Program’s logo.  The department is very excited to begin using his creation on all promotional material.   Carlos feels that he is able to be a positive role model to his family and other students he comes in contact with.  He continuously encourages them to take advantage of the Regional Occupational Program, stay in school, and to further their education.