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ROP Student Success Story


Carlos Hernandez
ROP Business and Marketing Occupations
Hilmar High School

Carlos Hernandez graduated from Hilmar High began working at McDonald's part –time out of the ROP Business and Marketing course.  Carlos stated, "I am very grateful to be a part of our Hilmar community and take pride in working at McDonald's.  If it wasn't for McDonald's and Mrs. de Matos' ROP class, I probably wouldn't be here today." Carlos enrolled in the ROP program with the belief that it was a great way to get work experience and a little extra cash.   He never would have thought it would contribute immensely to his future.  The experience not only contributed to the professional person he has become, but also shaped the person he is today.  Carlos began as a crew person and was quickly humbled when he realized it wasn't going to be as easy as imagined.  Carlos states, "I worked hard in order to learn everything I needed to know to do my job both thoroughly and to the best.  I learned to value my own work and have other people value it as well."  He was offered a management position. It began as a part time job which has turned into a steady career.  Carlos has continued striving towards professional and personal growth.  He has become more confident in the role he plays in helping to run a successful business.​