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Careers with Infants and Toddlers

     Careers with Infants and Toddlers

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Teacher:  Sarah Wass
Phone: (209) 325-1601


Class Description
College Credit is available for Infant and Toddler Class/Lab and Field Experience

Careers with Infants and Toddlers I/II is designed to introduce students to the principles of early childhood development and education through classroom instruction and interaction with infants and toddlers at the MUHSD Child Development Center. Students develop entry-level skills and learn management practices of a child development center. The opportunity to work with infants and toddlers in the very early stages of development at the Child Development Center will help prepare students for a variety of careers related to young children. Leadership training and community service opportunity is provided through the Child Development Club.

Class Resources
Careers with Infants and Toddlers Brochure
College Articulation Information - CLDV 30C
College Articulation Information - CLDV 35