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Steve M. Tietjen, Ed.D | County Superintendent of Schools

Foundations in Education Lisa Benson

Merced County Office of Education

                                                  ā€‹   Foundations In Education

                                                                                         Instructor: Lisa Benson


Class Description

UC approved ā€œgā€ Elective Credit
College Credit is available for Preschool ā€“ 2nd grade fieldwork or the first class in the California teaching education sequence. 

This course is designed to introduce students to the theory behind learning and teaching. Emphasis is placed upon teaching; however support positions are also introduced. Classroom instruction will focus upon students observing, learning, and applying a variety of teaching practices. Students will also study the history of education and curriculum design. Students will be assigned to a classroom at a local school based on their individual interest area with a choice of preschool, elementary, or middle school. This is an outstanding course for any student with the desire to become a teacher.

Class Resources
Foundations in Education I/II Brochure
College Articulation Information


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