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Medical Occupations-Jerry Fragasso

  Medical Technologies


Teacher: Jerry Fragasso
Phone: (209) 385-8000

Class Description
College Credit is available
UC Approved for "g" Elective Credit

This course consists of scientific concepts, theories, and skill development for students interested in biology, anatomy, and health care careers. It is designed to follow biology or another life science related class. Students will focus on the physiological, biological and structural details of the human body, including a rigorous study of body systems.  Students will apply scientific methodologies (inquiry, developing hypotheses, gathering factual information, evaluating data, and drawing conclusions) to the practices employed by medical professionals.  Medical terminology will be integrated as students understand each of the body systems.  Students will exceed core academic knowledge and demonstrate critical thinking skills as they apply knowledge to laboratory experimentation, real-life scenarios, medical case studies, and physiological response and treatment
of infection.

Teacher Information


Mr. Jerry Fragasso teaches ROP Medical Occupations for Golden Valley, Merced and LeGrand High Schools. He also teaches Anatomy/Physiology and Biology at Merced College. Mr. Fragasso received his Masters in Education from the University of Phoenix, a Masters in Physical Education from San Diego State University, and Bachelors in Biology from UC Riverside.

Prior to teaching, Mr. Fragasso was employed as a Certified Athletic Trainer (ATC) for over 10 years, treating athletic injuries at the high school, college, and professional levels, as well as working with orthopedic injuries and wound care at Mercy Medical Center Merced in the Physical Therapy Department.

When not preparing his students to enter the health care field, Mr. Fragasso enjoys cooking, playing and listening to music, and spending time with his wife and children at their home in Clovis. Summers are spent boating, fishing, and traveling with the family, while winters are spent camping and hiking in the mountains.

Mission Statement

My purpose as the ROP Medical Occupations Instructor at Golden Valley, Merced, and LeGrand High Schools, believing all students can learn and become productive and valuable members of the community, is to provide every opportunity possible for all students to obtain a quality, well-rounded education by utilizing a wealth of resources, including organization, professionalism, teaching strategies, community networking, and a strong desire to educate the students to the best of their (and my) abilities.

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