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 Virtual Enterprise


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Teacher: Elaine Post
Phone: (209) 325-1200


Class Description
UC approved for “g” Elective Credit for one semester
College Credit is available

Virtual Enterprise is a simulated business that is set up and run by students. With the guidance of a teacher (“consultant”) and real-world business partners, the students determine the nature of their business, its products and services, its management and structure, and engage in the daily operations of running a business. The Virtual Enterprise Program links students in a global business network. Emphasis is placed on using current business software, communications, and the Internet for business transactions.

Teacher Information


Elaine Post comes to Atwater High School with more than 25 years of experience in marketing. From a journalist, to a public information officer, to economic and redevelopment director, she has worked in the Merced County area successfully promoting the public, education, government, cities, and land. Elaine has a Bachelor of Science from the University of Phoenix with support classes from Merced College and Sacramento State.
Mission Statement

I believe we are here to serve one another. Therefore I strive to serve my students with enthusiasm, motivation and sincerity. I believe learning is life-long, therefore I will strive to remain cutting edge and pledge to adapt curriculum to reflect today's marketplace and technologies. I believe it takes a community to raise a child. Therefore I will continue to reach out to the business community to encourage their participation as community classrooms, speakers, mentors, and supporters of our marketing program.

Class Resources
Virtual Enterprise Brochure
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