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Computer Lab Reservation Request Form

Lab Reservation Form

Computer lab reservations are scheduled through Educational Services, and this request must be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the training. Please contact (209) 381-6630 or email before submitting this form to ensure that the lab is available during the date and time you are requesting it. Internal employees with Outlook Mail may al​so add Room M to their calendar to see when the Computer Lab is available. Calendar invites will not be accepted.

There are 28 PC computers and one presenter station, for a total of 29 computers.

You will receive a calendar invite from Room M​ when your event has been approved.  

When reserving the computer lab for after 4:30pm or on the weekends, please note that it is your responsibility​ to make sure the computer lab will be unlocked. You will need to submit a maintenance work order for custodial to have it unlocked. Please contact facilities if you have any questions - 381-4555


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