Merced County Office of Education

​​​​​​​Credentialing Programs


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Teacher Induction Program (TIP)

The Teacher Induction Program (TIP) is a two year Induction Program for teachers holding a preliminary credential.  All holders of State Bill 2042 preliminary credentials must clear their credentials by participating in an Induction Program. TIP is structured to assist new teachers in the demonstration and application of the knowledge and skills acquired during the teacher preparation experience.​

Education Specialist Intern (ESI)

The Education Specialist Intern (ESI) program is designed for individuals looking to earn their California Preliminary Credential while teaching. ESI is a two-year program  for Special Education credentials in which interns gain expertise through coursework, coaching and district collaboration. ​

Clear Administrative Services Credential (C​ASC) 

The Clear Administrative Services Credential program(ADMIN KEYS) is based on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSEL) and is designed for administrators to demonstrate the ability to meet or exceed each of the standards through a blended learning model.  ​​​​