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The Arts at MCOE

In order to offer a world-class education to students across the county, 
MCOE is promoting and providing VAPA resourcing to districts, schools, educators and administrators.

The Visual and Performing Arts offerings at MCOE operate based on a set of Core Beliefs for arts advocacy and access as well as a set of Key Intentions that serve as overarching goals for arts education.

The Core Beliefs

1.     Students NEED the Arts: like they need science, math, water and air; they are a critical part of a well-rounded high-quality education, as needed to produce empathetic and globally-conscious members of society.
2.     Students DESERVE the Arts: through good or bad times, in sickness or in health, the arts are not a privilege to be awarded only to the wealthy or the well-behaved.
3.     Students CAN HAVE the Arts: there are creative options and advocacy strategies to get students the arts that they require in order to thrive, and we are prepared to exhaust every last one of them.

The Key Intentions

1.     To Create – Develop programming for students and professional development for teachers and administrators.
2.     To Collaborate – Nourish relationships across disciplines and communities in order to go further with more wide-reaching resources.
3.     To Connect – Plug students in to the community, community to students, and students back to the schools.
4.     To Celebrate – Widely announce, hold space for, and celebrate the wonderful and widely relevant opportunities for creativity in our county and beyond.

Newly Adopted California VAPA Standards!

Visual and Performing Arts Content Standards: Information and resources pertaining to the Content Standards for Visual and Performing Arts in California Public Schools

VAPA Content Standards 

…ask about how Miss Noelle can support your teachers 
in hitting new VAPA standards in the classroom by emailing!

2018-2019 Arts Education Projects​

Alicia Reyes Elementary in Merced: 
Best of Broadway 2019

Cressey Elementary in Ballico: From the Farmhouse 2019

Multicultural Arts Center in Merced: Poetry Out Loud Merced 2019
Colton Dennis (Executive Director, MCAC) and Noelle Chandler (Arts Education Consultant)
Amber Kirby (Golden Valley High School, MUHSD) and Elizabeth Harmelin (Le Grand High School, MUHSD)
Poetry Out Loud Winner and Runner-Up Participants

Arts in Schools Month Advocates, March 2019
Tammy Borges (Fremont Elementary, Merced City), Jamie Hillhouse (Farmdale Elementary, Weaver)
Colton Dennis (Merced County Arts Council), Rob Baptie (Cressey Elementary, Ballico-Cressey)

Bringing VAPA to ASSETS for MCOE, Winter/Spring 2019
Examples of locations for teaching artistry across Merced County

Highway 99 ARTS + SEL Summit, Fresno in April 2019
Led breakouts and assisted with facilitation of programming for Region 7 Arts Team

​And coming Summer 2019….

Arts Education programming in Merced and Los Banos in collaboration with Merced College and College for Kids!

Click here for a short informational video!

Visit to register now!

VAPA Links and Resources​

For Theatres, Museums, Orchestras and other Arts Partners in Merced County: Be Included on our Upcoming Database of Merced County Partners by filling out this form

For Schools in Merced County: Tell Us About Your Arts Access by filling out this form

For Parents and Guardians of Artistic Students: Tell Us About the Programming You're Interested in Seeing by filling out this form​

Create CA: California's Statewide Arts Education Coalition
National Core Arts Standards
Merced County Arts Council, Inc.

California County Superintendents Arts Initiative

Bring Miss Noelle and VAPA at MCOE to You

If you are interested in Miss Noelle visiting your school site to work with administrators, teachers, or students, click below for information on a variety of on-site programs! 

The programs linked below are examples of already-developed possibilities: we are always more than happy to work directly with districts or teachers to develop proposals that are right for you and your students!

Facilitate Your Personal Arts Strategy

Menu of On-Campus Theatre Options

Professional Development with Miss Noelle

Noelle Chandler
Arts Education Consultant 
Phone (209) 761-5666  Fax:  381-6774​


Heather Woody
Administrative Secretary
Phone (209) 381-5976  Fax: 381-6774


MCOE Complex, Room H​, 632 West 13th Street, Merced CA 95341-5908 
​​Office Hours:  M-F 7:30 AM - 4:30 PM
Lunch 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

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