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UC Approved Courses

UC Approved Course List


2 Years of history/social science, including one year of US history or one semester of US history and one semester of American government, and... 
UC - 1 year of world history, cultures, and geography from the "a" subject area 
CSU - A second year (2 semesters) of history/social science from either the "a" or "g" subject areas

  • Cultural Geography (9th Grade)
  • World History (10th Grade)
  • U.S. History (11th Grade)
  • American Government (12th Grade)

B. English
UC and CSU - 4 years English, which can include not more than one year of ESL/ELD courses

  • English I (9th Grade)
  • English II (10th Grade)
  • English III (11th Grade)
  • English IV (12th grade)

C. Mathematics
UC and CSU - 3 years math (algebra I and II, geometry)/ 4 years recommended

  • Algebra I
  • Geometry
  • Algebra II

D. Lab Science
2 years laboratory science
UC- including at least two of the three core disciplines of biology, chemistry, and physics
CSU- including one year of physical science and one year of biological science

  • Biology
  • Chemistry (offered through Merced College)
  • Physics (offered through Merced College)

E. Language other than English
UC and CSU: 2 years of language other than English. Must be same language. (UC- 3 years recommended)

  • Spanish I
  • Spanish II

F. Visual and Performing Arts
1 year visual and performing arts (selected from dance, music, theatre/drama, or visual arts)

  • Fine Arts
  • The Art and History of Floral Design

G. College Preparatory Electives
UC and CSU - 1 year elective chosen from any of the areas on the approved a-g course list, exlucing those designated as non-elective (lower level mathematics, language other than English, and visual and performing arts)
CSU- Agriculture courses traditionally accepted by CSU that are not on the a-g list will be considered on a course by course basis

  • Spanish III
  • American Economics (12th Grade)

College admission requirements for UC and CSU

    CSU-UC Comparison of Minimum Eligibility Requirements for Freshmen.pdf

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