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High School Art Courses

​High School Art Courses

FINE ARTS (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "f" Credit

FINE ARTS focuses on a media approach to the elements and principles of art. It integrates lessons in perception, creative expression, historical and cultural heritage, and evaluation to form a comprehensive approach to art that helps every student - regardless of their learning style - think more creatively, make better decisions, even learn the art of self discipline.

PERFORMING ARTS (5 credits per semester)

PERFORMING ARTS is designed to assist the student to become knowledgeable in the essential vocabulary and process of writing and researching theatrical literature as well as acting and technical aspects of the theatre. Acting experiences involve the student exploring the concepts of self, body and voice work in coursework of a variety of different cultures and theatre-related media. This course develops spontaneity as well as creativity and encourages students to celebrate the theatre arts in the various strands of perceiving, thinking, comprehending, applying, integrating, communicating, analyzing critiquing as well as performing.