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High School English Courses

High School English Courses


ENGLISH I (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "b" Credit

ENGLISH I concentrates on reaching the standards for development and refinement of basic skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. Units in literature will cover plot, conflict, characterization, point of view, setting and theme. Units in writing will cover narrative, expository, and persuasive composition, with emphasis on mastering steps in the writing process. Language study will cover punctuation, spelling, vocabulary and usage. Units of study include research projects, study skills, poetry, and drama. In addition to the textbook readings, two novels will be read, one each semester.

ENGLISH II (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "b" Credit

ENGLISH II, World Literature and Composition, combines a study of world literature with a continued emphasis on writing. Students will read a variety of authors and genres and respond to the literature making connections to their personal experiences. Students will develop critical thinking skills through active reading and ongoing writing. Emphasis in the writing process will be placed on the thesis statement, purpose, writing a coherent paragraph, and developing vocabulary and grammar. Students will examine and clarify their values by exploring, essays, plays, short stories, and poetry. Emphasis in the writing process will be placed on the thesis statement, purpose, writing a coherent paragraph, and developing vocabulary and grammar. 

ENGLISH III (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "b" Credit

ENGLISH III, American Literature, is a general studies program in literature and composition, organized as a survey of American literature. American Literature expands upon and deepens understanding of literary and communication skills covered in English I and II including reading, writing, language appreciation and aesthetics, listening and speaking, viewing and representing, and research. Within these general topic areas, special emphasis is placed on: writing expository, research, and creative compositions; honing critical and analytical skills through close readings of literary, historical, expository, and functional documents; using context strategies and an understanding of etymology to build vocabulary.

ENGLISH IV (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "b" Credit

ENGLISH IV is designed to further develop critical and analytical thinking through language for college-bound seniors. The goal of the course is to prepare students for the independence and work habits needed to achieve success in the collegiate setting. A variety of literary movements will be covered including, but not limited to, the Medieval, Elizabethan, Romantic, Victorian, Age of Reason, Contemporary, and Modern areas of British literature.  Students will incorporate all language arts skills mastered throughout high school and will continue to further develop those skills throughout this course.  In addition, all seniors will complete a Senior Project, which consists of a product or performance, a research paper, a portfolio, and an oral presentation. This project is ongoing throughout the year with direct instruction for each of the components culminating with the Senior Defense and Boards.

CAHSEE PREP – ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS (5 credits per semester) On-site course

CAHSEE PREP – ENGLISH LANGUAGE ARTS is designed to develop students' mastery skills needed to pass the state mandated test in order to graduate from high school with a high school diploma. All students need reading and writing skills to be successful in life. California educators have created California content standards for English Language Arts and have set standards for reading and writing that must be met at each grade level. California content standards emphasize higher-level thinking skills. Students must learn to think on a higher level to consider, analyze, interpret, and evaluate rather than simply recall facts.