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High School Foreign Language Courses​

High School Foreign Language Courses​

SPANISH I (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "e" Credit

SPANISH I is a level one language class where students will develop their abilities to communicate about themselves, their interests, families and daily routines. Students are expected to use with a degree of accuracy basic linguistic structures. This can be demonstrated in daily speaking, reading, writing and listening activities. At this beginning level of language learning, students will explore themes that will resonate throughout their language studies.

SPANISH II (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "e" Credit

SPANISH II reviews basic Spanish vocabulary and structures in order to strengthen self-expression and basic communication skills in functional contexts. Listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing are further developed through expanded application of vocabulary and linguistic structures. Spanish is the language of the classroom, with use of English being limited to explanation of grammar and clarification of instructions when needed.

SPANISH III (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "g" Credit

SPANISH III students continue to develop their proficiency in the three modes of communicative competence:  interacting with other speakers of Spanish, understanding oral and written messages in Spanish, and making oral and written presentations in Spanish. The main goal is to increase the student's ability to use Spanish for communication and to build ease and self-confidence in self-expression. The foundations established in Spanish I and II are consolidated and expanded to enable the student to achieve a higher level of fluency and proficiency, use more complex structures and a wider range of vocabulary to communicate on a variety of topics.