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High School Mathematics Courses

High School Mathematics Courses

ALGEBRA I (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "c" Credit

[On-site course also available]

ALGEBRA I combines algebra with real world applications. Students will have the opportunity to review and use arithmetic and geometry concepts as they study algebra. Algebra covers the concepts needed to prepare students for the proficiency test for graduation, the SAT, and/or the ACT. Students will see the practical value of algebra and will grow to appreciate how algebra is used in their everyday lives.

ALGEBRA II (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "c" Credit

ALGEBRA II combines algebra and geometry in order to solve more complex questions. Emphasis is directed on abstract thinking skills, the function concept, and the algebraic solutions. Students will examine functions through multiple representations, such as graphs, tables, and matrices. Students will investigate how functions are all interconnected. Students will explore the importance of Algebra in the real world and thus make the connections to their everyday lives. Algebra II will prepare the students for more advance courses in mathematics by developing an extensive knowledge of functions.

GEOMETRY (5 credits per semester) – UC Approved for "c" Credit

GEOMETRY allows students to develop the skill needed in reasoning. Students will become aware of relationships between angles, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, and three-dimensional shapes. Students will have the ability to recognize, classify, and apply properties to simple shapes and know and use congruence theorems.

BUSINESS MATHEMATICS (5 credits per semester)

BUSINESS MATH is a course designed to increase and develop students' knowledge and understanding of solving real life mathematical problems.  The course of study focuses on topics directly related to personal finance and business math. Teaching strategies utilized in the course will provide a community learning environment which portrays and reflects finance structures.

CAHSEE PREP – MATH (5 credits per semester) On-site course

CAHSEE PREP – MATH is a one year class designed as an intervention for students who have completed a regular series of math courses but remain at-risk of not passing the mathematics section of the California High School Exit Exam. This course is based upon the CAHSEE Blueprints and the California Academic Content Standards. This course offers a balanced approach of direct instruction and inquiry, contains units of instruction that are taught and reviewed in a systematic format, and provides a fresh look at previously taught concepts and skills.