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Middle School English Courses

Middle School English Courses

6TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS is designed to develop written and oral communication skills, including grammar, vocabulary, and syntax. Foundational components of the writing process will be reviewed and expanded within the framework of the 6th grade history curriculum. A variety of writing modes will be introduced and practiced, such as journaling, biographical, research, persuasive, and creative writing. Listening and speaking skills will be emphasized in the presentation of written assignments and other classroom activities. The reading selections promote a growing appreciation of literature and provide practice of critical thinking and literary analysis skills.

7TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS is designed to review and supplement the language activities of the first six grades.  The literature component provides the student with a variety of experiences in reading. Comprehension skills and vocabulary will be improved by reading short stories and novels by well-known authors. The language component is composed of units on grammar usage, spelling, vocabulary, writing, listening and speaking. 

8TH GRADE LANGUAGE ARTS is designed in which students will continue their journey of becoming independent thinkers and writers for their advancement to high school. The course emphasizes process-based writing rather than product-based writing by seeking to help students develop and harness skills in creating and developing topics, creating a thesis, organizing the content, and revising the essay. Learning to research and correctly cite is a key component of this course. In addition, students will also focus on mastering the key concepts of English grammar and mechanics. Students will read fiction and non-fiction of various lengths in order to improve their reading ability and to develop critical reading skills.