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Middle School Social Studies Courses

​Middle School Social Studies Courses

6th GRADE ANCIENT CIVILIZATIONS is designed to develop a student's understanding of history by studying people and events during the early Western and non-Western ancient civilizations. Everyday lives, problems and accomplishments of people, and the roles they play in developing political, social, and economic structures and the spread of ideas that changed the world are studied. Students will analyze the rise and fall of civilizations and how geography has linked people's lives.

7th GRADE MEDIEVAL HISTORY is designed to develop a student's understanding of the social, cultural and technological changes that occurred in Europe, Africa, and Asia from 500AD to 1789. This includes the study of the history and geography of great civilizations that developed concurrently during the medieval and early modern times. Students will learn about the exchanges of ideas, beliefs, commodities, and technology that took place during this time. Students will develop an understanding of the Enlightenment philosophy and the rise of democracy and its continuing impact today.

8TH GRADE U.S. HISTORY AND GEOGRAPHY focuses on the ideas, issues, and events from the framing of the Constitution up to World War I. Students study America's democratic institutions founded on the Judeo-Christian heritage and English parliamentary traditions, shaping of the Constitution, and the development of American politics, society, culture, and economy. Major regional differences are emphasized as they study about the challenges facing the new nation from the writing of the Constitution to the causes, and consequences of the Civil War and the rise of industrializations impact on our economy and society.