Merced County Office of Education


​​​​​​​​​​​Merced Scholars Charter School Staff

Hello I’m Mr. Pintor!  I am currently the principal of Merced Scholars Charter School and Come Back Charter School. I have been a teacher in alternative education/student programs at the Merced County Office of Education for over 18 years. In October of 2012, I became the Vice Principal/Teacher for Merced Scholars Charter School. I received my Bachelors degree in Economics from UCL​A in 1994. After working in private industry for 8 years, I decided to move back home to Merced and become a teacher. I currently possess my single subject credential in Foundational-Level Mathematics.

I believe that all students are capable of learning and should learn in a way that works best for them. I am a firm believer in the use of technology in instruction, learning, and everyday activities. As an educator, I am here to help students understand and adapt to their individual learning styles in order to ensure their success. I am very excited to be a part of the staff at Merced Scholars Charter School.

I find great pleasure in the opportunity to work with parents and students on an individual/small group basis. It is a unique and rewarding experience. The environment at MSCS is one of collaboration and respect between staff, parents, and students, creating an educational atmosphere that is truly one of a kind. I look forward to working in education for years to come and to impact others to be the best they can be.​


Office Staff

Hi I am Miss Cindy! I am the administrative school site secretary. I’ve been at MSCS since shortly after the schools’ inception, in August of 2005.

​As Secretary, my position is to​ assist students, parents, staff, other schools, and the general public, and to maintain a friendly, professional, comfortable, and safe environment to everyone that enters. I am responsible for collecting all students’ legal documents and enrollment forms, oversee the data entry functions of the student information system (AERIES). I am also in charge of the student master schedules, maintain student cumulative records, provide information to other agencies public and private, and explain enforce policies and procedures of the school.

​​I like the relationships I have formed with the other staff members as well as students and families that have come and gone over the years. I also enjoy seeing all students succeed. My aim is to stay in my current position as we continue to watch our school grow.​





Hello, I am Mr. Ayala! I am currently the School Counselor of Merced Scholars Charter School and Come Back Charter School. I joined Merced Scholars Charter School during the 2018-2019 school year. I received my Bachelors degree in Criminology with an emphasis in Law Enforcement and a Masters degree in School Counseling K-12 with the PPS Credential, both from California State University, Fresno. 

As a school counselor, I believe in the potential of the community that is served by MSCS. Believing in someone’s potential brings me joy and inspires me to continue to be an active and life-long learner. I want to encourage students and their families to become more able, support teachers in their roles, and continue to build relationships with community agencies. 

During my time as a counselor at Merced Scholars Charter School, I have experienced a tremendous potential from students and MSCS staff. I aspire to continue to learn and grow to become more able in my professional knowledge and skills. I strongly believe in the lifelong relationships developed at MSCS and how these relationships have shaped and helped many of our students, parents, and school community. I hope to inspire and influence students to find their passion and achieve success. I am extremely excited to be part of the Merced Scholars Charter School family as we continue to support students in their path to success.


My name is Irma D. Janzen, my job title is College and Career Service Technician. My career, as an educator, started in Mexico in 1983. I earned my Elementary School Credential from the Escuela Normal del Estado de Chihuahua, Cihuahua, Mexico. I have been employed by MCOE for more than thirty years in the Migrant Program and the Career Technical Education/ROP programs. I earned my Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Leadership from Fresno Pacific University in 2017. Currently, I hold a Designated Subjects Vocational Educational Teaching Credential in Office Occupation and a 30 Day Substitute Credential.

I believe that every student deserves an appropriate education that includes equal opportunities to apply their academic skills, according to their learning capacity. My goal is to provide students with the necessary tools to learn about their career interests and the skills needed to apply for entry level jobs. I teach them to utilize their abilities to enroll in a community college to obtain a technical certification or further their education at a university.

I am proud to work for Career Technical Education and ROP, that provides those basic skills through high school courses. I am also proud to work at MSCS where students are given such opportunities, parents are involved in their children’s education and all staff strives to provide quality services.


Instructional Support

Hello, My name is Breanna Ayala. I graduated from Merced College with my Associates in Child Development May 2014 and I am currently a student at Fresno Pacific University. I currently hold a Child Development Teacher I Permit. I started my journey with MCOE in 2014 as an ASSETS associate, then moved to Early Ed as a special education instructional aide. I am now with Merced Scholars Charter School as of October 2017. 

As an instructional aide at the Merced Scholars, I have enjoyed learning a different approach to teaching in a non-traditional school. I appreciate getting to know the students on a more one on one basis, and help provide them with all the services Merced Scholars has to offer. With the help of Cal-SOAP tutors, I manage tutoring appointments, tutor, assist in English Language Development learning, and state testing.