Merced County Office of Education

PlanadaElementary School District

​​​​​​Address  9722 Haskell Avenue, Planda, CA 95365
(Mail to: PO Box 236, Planada, CA 95365)
Phone 209-382-0756
Fax 209-382-1750
Average Daily Attendance 779
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Planada Local Control Accountability Plan

Governing Board

Board Meeting Times:  2nd Thursday @ 6:00pm

Name​Trustee AreaTerm Expires
Name​Chavez, DanielTrustee AreaAt LargeTerm Expires2022
Leyva, Stefanie
Trustee AreaAt LargeTerm Expires2024
Ramirez, Yolanda
Trustee AreaAt LargeTerm Expires2022
Rodriguez, David
Trustee AreaAt LargeTerm Expires2022
Name​Yanez, IgnacioTrustee AreaAt LargeTerm Expires2024


Name​Gonzalez, Jose L.TitleSuperintendent​Phone382-0756
Ceja, Maria D.
TitleAdministrative Assistant​Phone382-0756
Name​Buchner, StacieTitleSpecial Education Coordinator​Phone382-0272
Name​​Flores, Ana LauraTitle​School Psychologist​Phone​382-0272 x1339
Name​​Gonzalez, CarmenTitle​Accounts Payable​Phone​382-0748
Name​​Lozano, EliasTitle​M.O.T. Supervisor​Phone​382-1655
​Murrillo, Christina
​Business Manager (CBO)
Name​​Okida, AlejandroTitleCafeteria Supervisor​Phone​382-2027
​Vera, Ana Maria
​Speech Therapist
​382-0272 x1337
Name​​Zuniga, DianaTitle​Director of Information Technology​Phone​382-0768 x2211


  • Cesar E. Chavez Middle (6-8)
    161 S. Plainsburg Road, Planada, CA 95365
         (Mail to: PO Box 236, Planada, CA 95365)
    Phone: 209-382-0768 Fax: 209-382-0775
    Principal: Nava, Ildefonso

  • Planada Elementary (K-5)
    9525 E. Broderick Street, Planda, CA 95365
         (Mail to: PO Box 236, Planada, CA 95365)
    Phone: 209-382-0272 Fax: 209-382-0113
    Principal: Villalobos, Erica