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MCOE Trustee Area Map


Board of Education Meeting

Education Code section 5019.5 requires school districts that elect by-trustee area to adjust the trustee area boundaries following each decennial federal census using population figures validated by the Population Research Unit of the Department of Finance.  The adjustments ensure that the population of each trustee area is proportional pursuant to Education Code section 5019.5(a)(1) or (2).

Redistricting is a process in which trustee area populations are equalized and their boundaries are adjusted in compliance with applicable state and federal law.  The county office is required to go through the redistricting process every 10 years after completion of the U.S. census.The Merced County Board of Education approved the redistricting of its trustee areas using newly available 2020 U.S. census figures on January 18, 2022 (Resolution # 2022-03).