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Branding Guidelines

The visual elements that make up the MCOE identity allow our audiences to see the authentic of the organization and differentiate us from other brands. Using these elements consistently reinforces and strengthens the brand story.

The purpose of this manual is to ensure that all communication from MCOE is presented in an attractive and consistent way, and all reproduction standards are followed. This includes flyers, reports, presentations, webpages, and formal letters. This is important because the appearance of our work says a great deal about us as an organization. It’s also a way to create a cohesive message and style across all of our departments.

The majority of the listings in the style, grammar, and punctuation section are based on the Associated Press Stylebook and the Merriam-Webster dictionary. 

Logo and Colors

A key component of our visual identity is our logo. Learn more about our logo and marks and access downloadable files.

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Style Guide

Following a style guide helps ensure a consistent brand experience, even when multiple writers develop our content.

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Email Signature

Email signatures are meant to represent the digital version of your business card and are a reflection of MCOE.

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